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Top 10 Most Expensive Apps in The World

Thursday, September 15th 2011. | Most Expensive

Here’s the list of most expensive apps in the world. These 10 applications are designed and built for apple smart phone user and most of the apps are sold on iTunes store. Let’s get started from the less expensive one.


10. Spotify App (£9.99 per mo at iTunes and Android store)

Spotify App Top 10 Most Expensive Apps in The World

Spotify App

Spotify app is a free application but user should have Spotify Premium account to use it. The application is running on Android phone and to use it, the producer charges £9.99 every month. Cancel anytime if you think you no longer need the music application.


9. Deluxe Dictionaries (£26.99 at Nokia Ovi store)

Deluxe Dictionaries Top 10 Most Expensive Apps in The World

Deluxe Dictionaries

Deluxe Dictionaries are designed for Nokia user and it basically runs as a pocket able that you can use easily anywhere you go. It much practices than any conventional dictionary and if you want to have it on your phone, the price is only £26.99. No monthly subscription and no more misinterpreted language.


8. ROSIE Home Automation (£29.99 at the iTunes Store)

 Top 10 Most Expensive Apps in The World


Rosie Home Automation is a remote application to control a lightning system, Security, and A/V system from your smart phone. The apps only works after the house is equipped by Rosie hardware system in which it will take several cost.


7. Luminair (£59.99 at the iTunes store)

Luminair Top 10 Most Expensive Apps in The World


Luminair is another remote application. It is specially designed for lightning technician who want to control the lightning fixtures on the stage with their iPhone. This remote application only compatibles with digital lightning system.


6. XA1 (£99.99 at the iTunes store)

XA1 Top 10 Most Expensive Apps in The World


If you are DJ, you can train your skill from your own iPhone with this application. The application works as audio analyzer and it will give real-time feedback of the audio spectrum to the iPhone interface. If you love to mix different house musics, this application will help you to find best mixture for your audio performance.


5. Lexi-COMPLETE (£179.99 at the iTunes store)

Lexi COMPLETE Top 10 Most Expensive Apps in The World


If you are dedicated general practitioner, this application might help you to improve your skill and career. The application is decked with database of diagnosis information, medicine, treatment system, reference and valuable information for doctors. Turn your iPhone to be your new hospital assistance and have a better service.


4. PDR Quote (£199.99 at the iTunes store)

PDR Quote Top 10 Most Expensive Apps in The World

PDR Quote

PDR Quote is designed for anyone who wants to release quotes and invoices for their clients. The application can be used to personalize the invoice form and the price is only £199.99. It is much cheaper than hiring a secretary.


3. I Am Richer ($200 at the Android store)

I Am Richer Top 10 Most Expensive Apps in The World

I Am Richer

I am Richer is an application which was designed for Rich Android owners who want to have “I am richer” message/mantra on their android. The application has no real benefit and most people say it is useless because it has no real valuable functionality. Similar application that was sold in Apple store was deleted 1 day after it was listed


2. MATG Dynamics GP (£279.99 at the iTunes store)

MATG Dynamics GP Top 10 Most Expensive Apps in The World

MATG Dynamics GP

MATG is the short of My Account To Go. It is designed for business owner who want to update their business cash flow and inventory from an iPhone. It is completed with high security system, cool interface and quick accessibility. To employ the application, the cost is mere £279.99.


1. I Am Rich ($999.99 & £599.99-iTunes store-Banned)

I Am Rich Top 10 Most Expensive Apps in The World

I Am Rich

It is paradox that the most expensive application in this post is one of the most useless apps ever created and one of shortest application that was listed on the apple store. Once people purchased the app and download it, what they got is a “mantra” or messages with huge fonts saying “I am rich, I deserve it, I am good, healthy & successful”. The app was released on August 6, 2008 (2008-08-06), but was deleted a day later. The producer made some money from the app but in other side, some consumers really angry with it.

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