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Top 10 Most Popular Blogs in the World

Tuesday, November 1st 2011. | Most Popular

The most popular blogs on the web have countless numbers of pages and receive millions of visits per month from Internet users around the world. With over 150 million blogs in existence and with that number growing rapidly, there’s a lot of competition to rank in the top 10 spots for the most popular blogs online.


10. Huffington Post – Alexa rank: 122.

Huffington Post  Top 10 Most Popular Blogs in the World

most popular blogs Huffington Post

Now, you have to actualize that a small group of thoughtful and committed people can change the world. An aspiration which stared on May 9, 2005, by the collaborated efforts of Arianna Huffington, Jonah Peretti and Kenneth Lerer, has now became the central hub of world-class bloggers and their must-read articles. Winner of enormous prestigious awards, The Huffinfton Post encounters over one million comments every month and this is one of most popular blogs.


9. Mashable – Alexa Rank: 323

Mashable Top 10 Most Popular Blogs in the World

most popular blogs Mashable

Founded in 2005 by Pete Cashmore, this most popular blogs delivers newsworthy content about social media, web development, Internet culture, gadgets, mobile devices and online entertainment. While Mashable only has about 50 employees, the blog packs a powerful punch in “all that’s new on the web,” and a reputation as the top source for social media news and the third most popular blogs.


8. TMZ – Alexa Rank: 407

TMZ Top 10 Most Popular Blogs in the World

most popular blogs TMZ

Abbreviation of thirty-mile zone, this most popular blogs is a celebrity news blog which was founded on November 8, 2005, as a joint venture of America Online (AOL) and Telepictures Productions. Devotee of quality news, this blog was first spotlighted by mainstream media for releasing the story of Mel Gibson, who was arrested by cops for driving his Lexus LS 430, under the influence of alcohol. Harvey Levin, managing editor of TMZ, claims that this most popular blogs often pay paparazzi for using their videos and photographs.


7. Engadget – Alexa Rank: 330

Engadget Top 10 Most Popular Blogs in the World

most popular blogs Engadget

Engadget is AOL owned blog about technology, electronics gadgets, and consumer digital products.Engadget, started in 2004, is among the most popular blogs for technology and consumer electronic gadgets.You can find here the latest news, updates about the technology and gadgets.


6. TechCrunch – Alexa Rank: 377

TechCrunch Top 10 Most Popular Blogs in the World

most popular blogs TechCrunch

It was launched in 2005. Initially it was only a blog about the dotcom start-ups in Silicon Valley, but with the tremendous response the blog started receiving from visitors, it has become the most popular blogs.  The most popular blogs was based on the technology updates of 2005. Readers have highly appreciated this effort and today TechCrunch has acquired its domain and converted into a website which provides its readers the latest technology updates.


5. Gizmodo – Alexa rank: 472

Gizmodo Top 10 Most Popular Blogs in the World

most popular blogs Gizmodo

Part of the Gawker Media network, Gizmodo is a most popular blogs that mainly focuses on delivering information and news about consumer electronics. Gizmodo was launched in 2002 by Peter Rojas before he was sought out by Weblogs, Inc. to launch the Engadget blog. Although the Gizmodo blog frequently ranks within the top 10 most popular blogs, the major redesign that went live in February 2011 sparked a sharp decline in readership.


4. The business Insider – Alexa rank : 546

The business Insider  Top 10 Most Popular Blogs in the World

most popular blogs The business Insider

Focusing on financial, media, technology and other business industries, the Business Insider is a young most popular blogs that was launched in February 2009 and is owned by Silicon Alley Insider, Inc. Top business news stories are aggregated and reported from across the web, offering some of the most up to date information in current business events and related topics.


3. Lifehacker – Alexa Rank: 640

Lifehacker Top 10 Most Popular Blogs in the World

most popular blogs Lifehacker

Lifahacker was created by Gina Trapani in 2005. Lifehacker blog site is most popular blogs among all types of bloggers for its daily weblog on blogging tips, software and personal productivity,  downloads recommendations, web sites and the other tools that help you/bloggers work smarter and enhance efficiency.


2. Gawker – Alexa Rank: 820

Gawker Top 10 Most Popular Blogs in the World

most popular blogs Gawker

Nick Denton launched Gawker in 2002 and is a New York based blog of ‘snarky’ commentary about media. Earlier, its fascination was on the gossips about Anna Wintour who was a Vogue editor. But this set a tone for amassing huge readership of movers and shakers on the Upper East Side. Within months, Gawker got more than 500,000 views per month. Today, this blog is most popular blogs of the world.


1. Perez Hilton – Alexa rank : 830

Perez Hilton1 Top 10 Most Popular Blogs in the World

most popular blogs Perez Hilton

One of the most popular blogs of entertainment arena, Perezhilton was founded by an American blogger, Mario Armando Lavandeira Jr., better known by his nickname Perez Hilton. Formerly called as PageSixSixSix.com, this blog posts gossip about musicians, celebrities and actors. In April, 2009, this most popular blogs was ranked on the 143rd position in America with two-third of users being American and strongest demographic being females between the ages of 18 and 24.

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