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The Longest Baseball Game ever Played

Thursday, April 28th 2011. | Longest

Around 30 years ago, Americans witnessed the longest baseball game ever played in the world featuring two baseball clubs from triple-A international league, The Pawtucket Red Sox and Rochester Red Wings. These 2 team matched in McCoy Baseball Stadium in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, and it was running for 32 innings and 8 hours, 25 minutes. The official started the game on 18 April 1981, 8:25 pm, until 19 April 1981, 4:07. Until the end of 32 innings, the game left no winner.

At Tuesday, June 23 1981, both team agreed to resume the game on 33rd inning and the game took place in Red Wings stadium. This time, the 33rd inning finally closed a match that was started in 18 April 1981. One player who closed the 33rd inning was Dave Koza from Pawtucket Red Sox. The 33rd inning itself was only running 18 minutes and 5,746 baseball fans and 140 reporters around the globe witnessed that monumental event. On that day, Pawtucket came out as a champion and the game crowned Dave Koza as the most hit player on the field on that match.

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For the two teams, 18-19 April 1981 was a long tired days. 1,740 fans witnessed the opening match and only left 19 supporters on the end of 32 innings. On the history of baseball game, this game was the longest and one of the hardest baseball games ever played. On the night of 19 April, the clubhouse was not preparing enough food and night was so chilly so that they had to burn broken bats and wooden benches to warm themselves.

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On that night, no team wanted to give up and no one could stop the game until someone phoned the president of the league, Harold Cooper, in 3 AM.
One hour later, around 4 PM, with the order of Harold Cooper, the official stopped the current inning.

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Nearly all players delirious but luckily no players injured. After Cooper discussed with team managers and looked the conditions of the players, both teams agreed to resume the game on June 23 1981. The longest baseball game in baseball history closed that day and left Pawtucket as the champion

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