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Top 10 Tallest Dog Breeds in the World

Sunday, May 22nd 2011. | Tallest

Here, now we are going to talk about top 10 tallest dog in the world. I have compiled their weight, their measurement, and include view data related to them. Let’s check out what we could find on the first list.

1. Kuvasz (65-76 cm)


Kuvasz is our first dog on the list.  Common Kuvasz wear white coat, odorless and the texture are wavy, rippled to straight. Males Kuvasz is usually larger at 70-76 cm tall compare to female Kuvasz, which is usually 65-70 cm tall or 26-28 inches.

2. Caucasian mountain dog (67-75 cm)

Caucasian mountain dog is another typical dog where the female is usually smaller than the males. The female of Caucasian mountain dog is growing maximum between 67-70cm and the male is growing max from 72-75 cm.  The smallest Caucasian male has ever been found is 68 cm or 27 inches

3. Swiss mountain dog

Swiss mountain dog is recognized for their long body that reaches from 25,5 to 28,5 inches for the male after they are full grown up. The female is shorter, until their shoulder, Swiss mountain dog is ranging from 23.5 to 27 inches long

4. Scottish deerhound

The 7th tallest dog height is ranging between 28 until 32 inches and their weight is starting from 75 up to 110 pounds

5. Borzoi

Borzoi is not only tall but also stocky. Most Borzois is standing 26-28 inches tall and they are weighting nearly 100 pounds and beyond.

6. Anatolian Shepard

Anatolian Shepard

Anatolian Shepard has height from 28 inches and the tallest among them is 30 inches high. The average weight of Anatolian Shepard is around 100 to 150 pounds.

7. English mastiff

English Mastiff is a massive breed and they can hit 130 up to 200 pounds after full grown up. Nearly same as Anatolian Shepard, Mastiff can reach 30 inches high.
8.St. Bernard

St. Bernard is a giant breed and beside favorite of many pet lovers, the dog is one of the largest in the dog breed market. The tall is around 27 up to 35 inches and it can weight from 160 up to 240 pounds


9. Great Dane

Great Dane is our 2nd tallest dog in the world. From the withers, Great Dane is reaching 28 up to 32 inches. Beside tall, Great Dane is stocky and heavy. It can reaches from 100-150 up to 200 pounds
10. Irish wolfhound

Irish wolfhound

Talk about tall, Irish wolfhound is the 10th champion on the tallest dog breed classification. From the withers, Wolfhound can reach 31 up to 34 inches and they can reach weight up to 110 to 180 pounds.

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