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Top 10 Fastest Animals in the World

Wednesday, May 25th 2011. | Fastest

On the wild, the fastest land predator in the modern world is Cheetah. They are capable to run fast because their prey is animal that can run nearly as fast as the cheetah itself. On the following list, we are going to explore 10 fastest animal in the world.

1. Cheetah (70mph/113kmph)


Cheetah is believed as the fastest land animal on the planet. Recently, Cincinnati zoo documented the fastest cheetah ever been captured by a camera. Her name is Sarah and she run 100 meters in mere 6.13 second. The 10years old cheetah outmatches the running speed record that was set by a South African Cheetah Nyana a decade ago.
2. Pronghorn antelope (61 mph/ 98 kmph)
Pronghorn Antelope is indigenous mammal of western and central North America and they are known as the fastest land mammal in northern hemisphere. Although they are little slower than cheetah, they are more sustainable than its ancient and extinct predator American Cheetah.
3. Lion (50 mph/ 80 kmph)
Lion is another predator that marches the earth with speed. Although the cat is slower than cheetah, which is also cat, Lion is much powerful than Cheetah and it is not rare cheetah should give their prey to the dominant lion.
4. Thomson’s gazelle (50 mph/ 80 kmph)
Thomson gazelle is indigenous specimen of Serengeti and is a prey of many predators such as cheetah, lion, baboon, crocodiles and Hyenas. The speed of Thomson’s gazelle is a ticket to live longer against the attack of cheetah or lion. They are not only good in speed but also in maneuver and endurance
5. Wildebeest (50 mph/ 80 kmph)


Wildebeest is another favorite prey of lion, cheetah, include vultures. However, Wildebeest has learned view effective defense mechanism and one of them is running. When they are in a herd and running together with their group, Cheetah has minor chance to take one of them down
6. Springbok (50 mph/ 80 kmph)
Springbok is herbivore from the family of Antidorcas marsupialis or antelope. Beside their beauty and agility, they are fast runner and high jumper. Most springbok can leap 3 1/2 meter high and long jump 15 meters when they are exited, trying to attract females, to distract predator or show off.
7. Quarter horse (47.5 mph/ 76 kmph)
Quarter Horse or popularly known as American Quarter Horse is most popular horse breed in US and it has been involved in various equestrian activities for years since the early 20th century.
8. Cape hunting dog (45 mph/72 kmph)
Cape hunting dog is popular as Lycaon pictus and it means wolf painted in English. Cape hunting Dog can run fast and it has strong 42 teeth. The bite force quotient is 142. It is the highest among all carnivores in the world.
9. Elk ( 45 mph/ 72 kmph)
Elk or known as Wapiti is a biggest land mammal in North America and East Asia. It is one of the families of moose and is the biggest among all. Their speed is another wonder of Elk.
10. Coyote (43 mph/69 kmph)


Beside their running speed and jumping that can reach up to 13 feat or 4 meters, coyote have astonishing hearing abilities that can reach up to upper frequency 80 KHz. Other family of wolves such as coyote and domesticated dogs that is only 60 KHz. In the family of Wolf, Caoote is the fastest animal

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