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Top 10 Fastest Computers in the World

Friday, May 20th 2011. | Fastest

Do you know what the fastest computerin the world are? If you don’t, you will get the answer here

10. Fujitsu Numerical Wind Tunnel (Fastest computer 1994)

Fujitsu Numerical Wind Tunnel

Numerical wind tunnel is the implementation of vector parallel architecture development project between National Aerospace laboratory and Japan. It is the first supercomputer that can perform near 100 Gflop/second. Inside the mainframe, we can find 166 vector processors with independent pipeline.

9. Hitachi SR2201/1024 and Hitachi/Tsukuba CP-PACS/2048 (fastest computer 1996)
These 2 supercomputers were utilized to facilitate 2 most respected universities in Japan. University of Tsukuba, University of Tokyo and 1 computer center, Center for Computational Physics. Hitachi SR2201can deliver220.4 GFLOPS and the other one can deliver 368.2 GFLOPS.

8. Intel ASCI Red/9152 (fastest computer 1997)
The supercomputer was utilized from 1997 until September 2005.The computer was coming from the collaboration of Intel Corporation and Sandia Labs. The max performance of the Intel ASCI Red/1024 was 1.338 TFLOPS

7. Intel ASCI Red/9632 (fastest computer 1999)

Intel ASCI Red/9632 is another computer that replaces the use of Intel ASCI Red/9152 after its retirement in 2005. It has better performance compare to ASCI Red/9152. The computer is capable to perform up to 2.3796 TFLOPS

6. IBM ASCI White (Fastest computer 2000)
IBM ASCI White has performance 7.226 TFLOPS. The supercomputer is part of DoE-Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, California, USA and inside the brain we can find 8,192 processors with total 6 terabytes of memory. The systemization of IBM Asci White was costing more than $110 million.

5. NEC Earth Simulator (Fastest computer 2002)

NEC simulator

NEC Earth Simulator is part of under Earth simulator project of Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute, and Japan Marine Science and Technology. The computer has max performance 35.86 TFLOPS and spending cost 60 billion yen.


4. IBM Blue Gene/L (Fastest computer 2004/2005/2008)
The supercomputer is part of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, California, USA. Blue Gene is a code project of computer architecture project. The computer is designed to produce other supercomputers.
IBM Blue Gene had been upgraded view times and over the years, it has lead the chart of Top500 list. in 2004, the supercomputer hit peak record at 70.72 TFLOPS, in the 2005 at 136.8 TFLOPS and 280.6 Tflops and last in 2007, at 478.2 TFLOPS.

3. IBM Roadrunner (fastest computer 2008
Roadrunner is part of IBM project at the Los Alamos National Laboratory. IBM financed the computer more than $133 million. All that money was used to make the supercomputer performs at max peak 1.026 PFLOPS and 1.105 PFLOPS. Beside one of the fastest computer, it has been titled as 4th worlds -most energy-efficient supercomputer according to Supermicro Green500 list.

2. Jaguar (fastest computer 2009)
Jaguar is a supercomputer at the Oak ridge National Laboratory and it is a petascale supercomputer type which was built by Cray.It is capable to measure 2.5 quadrillion calculations every second. The peak performance is 1.759 PFLOPS and the system has benchmark read and write 240 GB/s

1.Tianhe-IA (fastest computer 2010)


Tianhe-1 means Milky Way in English.The fastest computer in the world is set up at the National Supercomputing Center in Tianjin, China, the maximum peak performance is 2.566 PFLOPS and the capability of the supercomputer is equal to 50,000 standard CPUs.


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