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Top 10 Largest Oil Spills in history

Sunday, May 1st 2011. | Largest

Definitely, Oil spill is a disaster for natural habitat. Although view crude oil companies advantaged the insurance benefit from the accident, nature is still paying the biggest cost of it and no insurance companies help them. In this post, we back to history to look up 10 largest oil spills accident ever recorded.

1. Gulf war 1991 (Kuwait) about 240-336 million Gallons of Oil


Gulf War Oil Spill

Because of men’s greed and war, Kuwaiti oil reserves became the victim. During first gulf war in 1991 between Kuwait and Iraq, Iraqi troops attacked Kuwait oil mining, destroyed the main pipes and released 240 million up to 336 million gallons of crude oil to the ocean. Late recovery action only saved 58,8 million gallons crude oil. More than 50% crude oil from total wasted oil vaporized and around 10,25% of it flushed to Saudi Arabia sea and recovered by Saudi Arabians
2. Ixtoc 1 Oil Well, 1979 about 140 million gallons
The main cause of the oil spill was an unexpected explosion during operation of Ixtoc 1 Oil Well on June 1959. The explosions exploded the main valve of the well. The destruction was severe so that for 10 months the oil well remained leaking and spilling all the content to the Gulf of Mexico. More than 140 million gallons were wasted and more than half of it burned or vaporized.

3. Atlantic Empress, 1979 about: 88.3 million
In July 1979, one huge oil carrier, Atlantic Empress ended her destiny with 26 crews and estimated 90 million gallons crude oil into the deep of Caribbean Sea 300 miles away. The main cause of the collapse was an extreme whether during the trip of the ship to the delivery port, which triggered electrical corseting. On the supertanker journey, Atlantic Empress went with the Aegean supertanker. Aegean supertanker struck by same storm but luckily the captain managed to pull over to Curacao, saved the tanker and the cargo.

4 Fergana Valley, 1992 (Uzbekistan) loss: 87.7 million gallons
Fergana Valley oil spill occurred in 1992. Fergana Valley was energy and oil refining site and it produced thousand gallons of crude oil daily. On that accident, 87,7 million gallons of oil and lands around the well became the victim. The oil remained unsaved and the cause of accident remain mystery

5. Nowruz Oil Field, 1983 (Persian Gulf) loss: 80 million gallons


Nowruz Oil Field

Nowruz Oil Field earned ugly side effect of Iran and Iraq war in 1983.During the war; one oil tanker unintentionally hit the oil field platform below and leaked the chamber. Because of the leak, 1500-barrel crude oil pumped from the mining out and spilled directly to the open ocean for 7 months. After seas fire, Norpol took action to save the ocean. The recovery did not save the wasted crude oil.

6. ABT Summer, 1991 (Off the coast of Angola) loss: 80 million of Gallons
ABT Summer oil spill happened in 1991 when the oil tanker on the cruise to Rotterdam to deliver the cargo. After the tanker reached 900 nautical miles off Angola, sudden explosion occurred onboard and burn the tanker for 3 days and night before it sank. All the crude oil cargo spilled to the ocean and unsaved. After the tanker gone off the surface, witnesses saw oil slick spanned 80 square miles from the center of last point of ABT summer.

7. Castillo de Bellver, 1983 (Off the Saldanha Bay, South Africa) loss: 78.5 million gallons.

Castillo de Bellver ended its journey on August 6 1983 after one accident onboard triggered blaze and engulfed the tanker on fire 70 miles off the coast of Cape Town. The crude oil of the tanker sparked the fire for days, melted the steel and cut the huge tanker in a half. A half part of the tanker, which was still loading 110,000 ton of cargo, sank and it cost 79 million gallons of crude oil poured to the ocean. The accident cost severe impact to the fish and environment around it.
8. Amoco Cadiz, 1978 (Off Brittany, France); loss: 68.7 million gallons
Amoco Cadiz became a disaster for people who live around English Channel when it spilled all the cargo in 1978 after strong storm forced the vessel to near Brittany cost and crashed. The vessel spill out 246.000 tons of light crude oil or about 68,7 million gallons of oil. In a month, the oil polluted French Shoreline 200 miles cross.

9. Odyssey Oil Spill, 1988 (700 nautical miles off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada) loss: 43 million gallons

The accident happened on North Atlantic Ocean while Odyssey Oil tanker at 700 miles of the coast of Nova Scotia. On board the ship, sudden explosion triggered extreme blaze and burned the entire payload. The vessel finally sank and the oil dissipate naturally without causing much damage

10. M/T Haven Tanker, 1991 (Genoa, Italy) Loss: 42 million gallons


M/T Haven Tanker Oil Spill

M/T Haven entered the list of one of the most unlucky tankers while it cruised from Genoa, Italy, in 1991. View technical trouble cost explosion and it triggered extreme blazing and cover the 820 feet x 250 meters vessel in a fire for days before it sank the vessel to the deep ocean. 6 crews died and 6 miles oil slick spanned from the center of the collapsed tanker. This last largest oil spill in history was costing million dollar and killing million habitat

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