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Top 10 Largest Spiders in the World

Friday, May 6th 2011. | Largest

Similar as snake, Spider has two different types. One type spider, the smaller one, kill their pray with their venom while the other, the bigger one, kill their pray with their big fang. In this post, we are focusing to discuss 10 largest spider that scientist have ever founded on the planet. We start it with the smallest one.
10. Cardinal Spider (Tegenaria parietina )

biggest spider-Cardinal Spider.jpg

Cardinal Spider

Scientists classified Cardinal Spider firstly in 1785. The habitat is around European continent. When cardinal spider stretches it legs, it is spanning around 5 ½ inch or 140 mm. It is skinny spider.
9. Hysterocrates spellenbergi
Hysterocrates spellenbergi is 9th biggest spiders in the world. Scientists found it in Cameroon and classified the crawler in 1906.in average; Hysterocrates spellenbergi has spanning legs 7 inches long or 178mm.
8. Hercules baboon (Hysterocrates Hercules)
Hercules Baboon is one of old African tarantula families or also called Eumenophorinae. Hercules baboon has four legs stretching 8 inches or 203mm
7-6. Colombian lesser black (Xenesthis immanis) and Xenesthis monstrosa
Although Xenesthis immanis and Xenesthis montrosa has different character. Their legs size is a different matter. Both spiders have same four legs spanning 9.1 inches or 230mm and they came from same place Columbia.

biggest spider-Brazilian Giant Tawny.jpg

Brazilian Giant Tawny

5. Brazilian Giant Tawny (Grammostola mollicoma)

Brazilian Giant Tawny is gigantic crawler from Brazil. The female one can weighting up to 100 grams after fully matured. In Average, Brazilian Giant Tawny has long legs spanning 10.2 inches or 260 mm. in some place; we can purchase it for $75 to 100 bucks per spider.

4. Brazilian Salmon pink ( Lasiodora parahybana)
Brazilian Salmon Pink is another Brazilian born crawler. We can find it in Amazon. After fully grown, a Brazilian Salmon pink can have legs 20 cm long or 10.6 inches. If they can live until old, their legs can keep growing up to 25 cm long
2-3. Goliath tarantula (Theraphosa blondi ) or the bird eater and Wolf spider (Cupiennius sellei)
Goliath Tarantula is a crawler with large and sharp fangs that are capable to penetrate bird skin. Although it is not venomous, their fang is perfect weapon to scare bird or other small prey. It can grow up to 6 ounces in weight and the legs can reach 12 inches long or 30 cm after mature. In the wild, Goliath tarantula has fair match with Wolf spider

1. Giant huntsman Spider (Heteropoda Maxima)

biggest spider-Heteropoda Maxima-2.jpg

Heteropoda Maxima

biggest spider-Heteropoda Maxima.jpg

Giant huntsman Spider

Giant Huntsman is the largest spider in the world although it is not among the venomous spider in the jungle. When they are fully mature, their diameter can reach 4.6 cm and the can stretch their legs 30 cm long. Totally, it can stand 12 inches high

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