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Blue Whale, Largest Whale in the World

Saturday, May 21st 2011. | Largest

From uncountable species that surfs around the deep ocean, Blue Whale is the largest whale among all animals in the ocean and the land. Luckily, blue whale is a giant underwater animal that dive without sharp teeth and sense-like predator. Blue whale is a giant animal that can be found almost anywhere on the ocean of the planet.

Bluewhale 1

They are coming from the family of Balaenopteridae and it has nickname Sulfur-Bottom. The nickname was born because many blue whales are carrying yellowish diatoms or algae on the bottom of their body.  Blue whale becomes the biggest aquatic species in the world because it can grow up to 30 meters long or 100 feet and at the same time weighting 150 tons in average. In 1922, view people documented biggest blue had ever been found. It was a female blue whale with measurement 33, 58 meters or 110.14 feet.

Bluewhale 2

Some Blue whale lives solitary and some other live on a herd. They swim to polar oceans when summer fall and they will be going to equator when polar waters get a winter. Every year, the number of blue whale is smaller. The main reason of this condition is a rapid blue whale hunting trend during the early 20th to the mid 20th century. Beside largest whale in the world, Blue whale now is classified as endangered species according to Red Data Book and we have no reason not to believe it.

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