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Isner VS Mahut, Longest Tennis Match Record

Wednesday, April 13th 2011. | Longest

The following post remarks the longest tennis match ever played in Tennis history. In June 22, 2010, Wimbledon tennis competition’s official held a tennis match between John Isner from US and Nicolas Mahut from French. No one knew at that moment that this match become the longest tennis match in history. The longest tennis match was a match to select who would win the first round of 2010’s Wimbledon championship. The Wimbledon championship’s committee started this longest tennis match at 17:13 UTC June 22 but because of lightning problem, the game was paused and resume on Wednesday June 23, 2010 at 2:05 pm.

longest tennis match Isner Mahut

Isner VS Mahut Match End

On June 23, John and Mahut showed their best performances and strong determinations. Both had played 118 games and nearly completed five set but no winner came out from the field after those players had played for 7 hours and 6 minutes. It was a long and dramatic longest tennis match for both people but it should be paused because of light problem at 9:10 pm. Because of the reason, the committee decided to pause the game next on June 24, started from 3:43 PM.

Longest tennis match ever Isner Mahut

Isner VS Mahut Photo Session

In June 24, the committee restarted the unfinished game and it was a time for Isner to win the fifth set or he should work harder to win another set. Luckily, He only took 65 minutes to close the fifth set at 4:48 pm with final score 70-68 and finally the longest tennis match ended.

longest tennis match isner mahut won

Isner Celebration

A match between Isner-Mahut was a rare event and their match is recorded as the longest tennis match in the world (11 hours, 5 minutes, and 183 games), longest tennis set in the world (5th set, at 8 hours and 11 min) and June 23 was the only date in the world where 118 tennis games was happen. This match still become the record of the longest tennis match till today.

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