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Top 10 Fastest Web Browsers in the World

Thursday, May 5th 2011. | Fastest

Without internet browser, we will have difficulty to navigate our email account or to update our blog. Before the time of Internet explorer, Mozilla, Opera, Safari and Chrome, Netscape navigator led the market share of internet users in the world. Here, we are not talking about that history. In this post, I am going to help you picking the fastest internet browser for your system. That is if you just know what internet is

10. Avant Browser

Avant Browser

Avant released its first stable release in August 2004. On March 16, 2011, Avant release its latest stable internet browser Avant The latest version is faster than former release, more stable, securer but unfortunately, it won’t work in Mac, Linux. BSD, or UNIX.
9. Deepnet Explorer
Latest version Deepnet version 1.5.3 already released in 2006.Although many reviewers said Deepnet Explorer has serious issue concerning security measure. It is still one of the fastest web browser in the world. As information, Deepnet is running over internet explorer rendering engine.


8. Phaseout
Phaseout 5.4.4 is latest phaseout internet browser. It is coming with catcy interface and compatibles with all windows operating system. According to test from top10reviews, Phaseout requires 10.7 seconds to load the full website page.

7. Flock
Flock is a web browser designed for social networking sites or people who often interact with facebook, twitter, linkedin, YouTube, or flickr. The latest version is Flock 3.5.3 that was lunched in July 2010. Flock is running on Mozilla version 3 and it is supported windows OS,Mac, and Linux

6. Maxthon
Maxthon is a Microsoft base browser. It is very popular in China since its first release in 2003.In the past, Maxthon used to call MyIE. A Chinese programmer Changyou created it in 2000. Latest release Maxthon can be downloaded free. The size is mere 17mb

5. Safari


Safari is originally coming from Apple Inc and it is default internet browser in almost all apple computer programs. Apple launched the first released in January 7, 2003 and Apple updated the program every year. It is fourth most popular internet browser in US. Latest Safari internet browser is Safari 5.0.5 that was launched in April 14 2011.


4. Opera
Opera is Opera software program and it is another one of most popular freeware software in the world. It works on all operating system and it is available in mobile operating system. Opera lays on Adobe creative suite technology and it is among top five fastest browser in the world. Latest stable opera is Opera 11.11 that was launched in May 18 2011.It is the only Browser available in Nintendo and Wii gaming system.

3. Google Chrome
Chrome is the second Google internet browser program after Firefox. It runs on WebKit Layout Engine, V8 Java script Engine, and is known among top 3 most popular internet browser in the world. Newest Google Chrome is Google Chrome 11.0.696.71.It was launched officially on May 24, 2011. According to test conducted by Google developer, Latest Chrome is 2x faster than Firefox 3.0.

2. Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer is official Microsoft browser. It is standard browser of almost all windows OS users. IE is available in different release and the recent most stable release is Internet explorer 9 that was released in March 14,2011.It features new Java script engine named Chakra that improves the stability and rendering capability to load WebPages
1. Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox is a freeware from Mozilla Corporation. According to lifehacker test, Firefox 3.5 and Firefox 3.6 are the most efficient memory usage compare to Chrome 4, Safari 4, and Opera 10.1. The test conducted using java script speeds test Mozilla called Dromaeo online suite. Sure, Mozilla 4 , our fastest web browser, is better than Firefox 3.5 and 3.6. If you don’t believe the info, you can conduct your own test.


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