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Top 10 Largest Countries in the World

Thursday, May 26th 2011. | Largest

One country with large area is a benefit and backfires if it does not manage properly. Most of the countries below have managed their land resources well and some just become cattle of other nations. This is top 10 largest country in the world base on the territory. 7 of them are listed in the list top 10 wealthiest nations on earth
1. Russia


Russia is single country with the largest dry land on earth. It is 17,075,200 km square wide or more than 6,5 million square miles. The border of Russia is enough to cover 2x US total area

2. Canada
Although Canada looks smaller compare to US, Canada is technically larger than US. It is more than 9,976 million km square wide or 3,85 million square.
3. United States of America
US is 3rd biggest nation in the world, one of the richest nation and one of the countries with the strongest military forces in the world. Total dry area of US is 9,6 million kilometers or 3,718 million square miles.
4. China
China is a country with the largest number of people on earth and it has the largest number of armies in the world. It has strong fundamental economy and China has territory about 3 time smaller than US. It is around 3,7 million square wide.
5. Brazil

Brazil (Rio De Jenairo)

The football nation, Brazil is the 5th biggest nation on earth and its dry land spanning 3,48 million square kilometers

6. Australia
Australia, the smallest continent on earth, is one of view flattest nation in the world and country without no volcanic activity for hundred of years. It is 2,96 million square miles wide.
7. India
India is the 2nd most populous country with large number of armies and strong economic support. It is 1,26 million square miles

8. Argentina
Argentine is our next biggest country. It is popular for the football, the tango, the old civilization, the cuisine and Amazon River. Argentina is popular as 3rd largest country in American continent and it spans 1,06 million square miles
9. Kazakhstan
Although Kazakhstan is not rich as 8 countries on the above list, It is still respected as one of the biggest countries in eastern Europe and central Asia. Kazakhstan shares borders with Russia and their territory is spanning 1,049 million square miles
10. Sudan


Sudan is our last largest country and the territory covers more than 967 thousand square miles area from south to north, west to east. In Sudan, Nile river divides the east and west side of the country.

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