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Top 10 Largest Earthquakes Ever Recorded

Saturday, April 16th 2011. | Largest

On the following list is a top 10 largest earthquake ever recorded in human’s history. As information, before 1900, we did not have seismometers or earthquake scaler to count the force of magnitude so the data is debatable. I also included Japan earthquake that happened less than 2 months ago

1. 1960 Valdivia earthquake, Magnitude 9.5, (Valdivia, Chile) May 22, 1960


1960 Valdivia earthquake

The 1960 Valdivia earthquake holds the record the strongest earthquake in the world. The epicenter was located about 900 km south of Santiago and it was powerful enough to deliver 10.7 meters high Tsunami 10,000 km away from the epicenter. Death tool was about 5.700-6,000 lives
2. 1964 Alaska earthquake, Magnitude: 9.2 (Prince William Sound, Alaska, USA) March 27, 1964


1964 Alaska earthquake

Some called it the Great Alaskan Earthquake. It occurred at 5:36 P.M and lasted for 4 minutes. The epicenter was located 78 miles east of Anchorage and 14 miles beneath the ground. It made cracks everywhere, property damages and murdered estimated 143 people

3. 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake, Magnitude: 9.1-9.3 (Indian Ocean, Sumatra, Indonesia) December 26, 2004


2004 Indian Ocean earthquake

Scientists classified 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake as underseas megathrust earthquake and it was the most devastating earthquake in 21st century that killed more than 239,210 peoples in14 countries (5th deadliest earthquake ever).The center of the earthquake was 30km under sea bed off the western sea-coast of northern Sumatra

4. 1952 Kamchatka earthquakes, Magnitude: 9.0 (Kamchatka, USSR) November 4, 1952

largest-earthquake-1952 Kamchatka earthquakes.jpg

1952 Kamchatka earthquakes

The 1952’s Kamchatka earthquake was big enough to cause destructions but it was not strong enough to take single human’s life. The hypocenter was located 30 km below the ground and it stole around a million dollar livestock and damaged buildings on the city

5.2011 Tōhoku earthquake, Magnitude: 9.0 (Pacific Ocean, Tōhoku region, Japan) March 11, 2011


2011 Tōhoku earthquake

The 2011 Tōhoku earthquake is the newest deadliest earthquake in the list and it is remembered as the most expensive earthquake in human history, which was costing around $309 billion. Tohoku earthquake is similar as 2004’s Indian Ocean earthquake but the energy was bigger and more intense. The power was equal as about 600.000.000 Hiroshima bomb. After the 9.0 magnitude earthquake, 900 aftershocks emerged and around 13,705 casualties had to lose their lives during the course. Because the earthquake so powerful, it has shifted our earth axis by 25 cm. Consequently, this moment, a day is 1.8 microseconds shorter than before Tōhoku earthquake

6.1833 Sumatra earthquake, Magnitude: estimated 8.8-9.2 (Sumatra, Indonesia) November 25, 1833


1833 Sumatra earthquake

The 1833’s Sumatra earthquake occurred 67 years preceded the invention of seismograph. The force of the earthquake was estimated around 8.8-9.2 magnitude and the total of casualties is unknown

7. 1906 Ecuador-Colombia earthquake, Magnitude: 8.8 (Ecuador-Colombia) January 31, 1906

largest-earthquake-1906 Ecuador-Colombia earthquake.jpg

1906 Ecuador-Colombia earthquake

The 1906’s Ecuador-Colombia earthquake emerged along the border of Nazca and South American plate. It murdered 1000 lives and caused 5 meters tsunami that hit tumaco, Colombia, view second after the earth shift.

8. 2010 Chile earthquake, Magnitude: 8.8, (Maule, Chile), February 27, 2010


2010 Chile earthquake

The 2010’s Chile earthquake lasted for 3 minutes and it was shaking the entire city of Maule Region into despair. Chile earthquake is classified as megathrust earthquakes and the location of epicenter was same as 1906 Ecuador-Colombia earthquake

9. 1700 Cascadia earthquake, Magnitude: about 8.7-9.2 ,(Pacific Ocean, USA and Canada ), January 26, 1700

largest-earthquake-1700 Cascadia earthquake.jpg

1700 Cascadia earthquake

The 1700’s Cascadia earthquake was the oldest earthquake in the top 10 list and Geologist Brian Atwater with his team gathered the evidence of the earthquake on the orphan Tsunami of 1700 in 2005. The 1700’s Cascadia earthquake is classified as megathrust earthquake

10.1730 Valparaiso earthquake, Magnitude: estimated 8.7-9.0, (Valparaiso, Chile), July 8, 1730


1730 Valparaiso earthquake

The 1730’s Valparaiso earthquake occurred in 8:45 UTC and geologist estimated the earthquake has 8.7-force magnitude and triggered big tsunami in the lower area of Valparaiso. The number of  fatalities of the 10th largest earthquake is unknown


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