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Top 10 Longest Snakes in the World

Tuesday, May 17th 2011. | Longest

We know snake in 2 different types of snake. One type of snake kills with their venom and the other one kills with their muscle. There is no twin snake in the world and one or some species can grow larger, longer and bigger than the other can. Today, biologist has classified reticulated python as the longest snake in the world. Average reticulated python can grow up to 10 meter long after they are full grown up. Not only long, they are heavy too. Some even can weight up to 90kg. Here, we are going to talk 10 longest snake follows by 9 other shorter snakes, lets check them out
1. Reticulated Python (Python Reticulatus) 10, 7 meters/35 inches


Reticulated Python

Python Reticulatus originates from Southeast Asia and is now officially titled as the longest snake in world. Although they are not venomous, most people agree that close to the animal is dangerous. Their strength is capable enough to kill a man and they are eating a man when they meet one.

2. Green Anaconda 8.5 meters /28 inches
Green Anaconda originates from South America. Although it is the second longest snake in the world, their weight can be the heaviest on the planet. Green Anaconda is the most popular anaconda among other BOA

3. Indian Python (7.6 meters/ 25 inches)
Python Molurus or simply Indian Python or Black tailed python originates from southern and southeast Asia. In Southeast Asia, Indian rock python is popular as Burmese Python. The color is usually lighter than Indian python
4. Diamond Python (6.4 meters/21 inches)
Morelia spilota spilota or commonly known Diamond Python is a medium Boa originates from coastal area in Southern Australia. Unlike common Boas, Diamond python loves to stay on a high altitude region.

5. King Cobra, Ophiophagus Hannah, (5.8 meters/19 inches)


King Cobra

King Cobra is a venomous snake and one of the longest in the world. Although the snake is slimmer than Boa on the rank 4, King cobra owns a strong venom that can kill the Boa quickly. King Cobra is coming with high dose of neurotoxic. The diet of king cobra is unique. They eat other venomous snakes’ even small python if they are hungry and meet one. Although they can kill adult Asian elephant, it is impossible they eat them.

6) Boa Constrictor (4.9meters /16 inches)
Boa constrictor is big and heavyweight boa. It is one family of Boidae originates in South, central and north America until Caribbean. Their skin color is depending on the locality. Some are darker some are lighter

7) Bushmaster( 3.7meters/12 inches)
Bushmaster originates from Central and South America and we can find it to in the island of Trinidad. Bushmaster can eject heavy toxic view times to the victim unlike other venomous snake. Yes, it is deadly; one of the most powerful toxic in the world stocked inside the bushmaster fang
8- Giant Brown Snake (3.4meters/11 inches)
Brown snake is available in different species and it originates from Australia and North America. Although brown snake is venomous, the venom is not strong as bushmaster, king cobra or rattle snake
9) Diamondback Rattlesnake (2.7meters/9 inches)
Diamond rattlesnake is available in 3 species (eastern diamondback, western diamondback, and the red diamond back rattlesnake) all these snake are venomous and deadly.

10) Indigo Snake 2.4meters/8 inches



Eastern Indigo snake is large blue-black or reddish orange non-venomous snake. Eastern indigo is harmless snake to human. However, it is often becoming victims of rattlesnake hunter

Most of Top 10 longest snake in the world is endangered species right now. Their existence is basically not depending on us. If we just let them free on the wild that is enough for them. They can take care of them selves

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