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Top 5 Longest Field Goal in NFL History

Tuesday, May 3rd 2011. | Longest

Allow me to share five longest field goals in the archive of National Football league. in the fifth rank, NFL documented 3 longest field goal that was scored from 45,54 and 56 yards. Here are the names of NFL players who made it:

5. Goals from 45, 54, 56 yards


Wilbur "pete" from Canton Bulldogs

-First longest field goal in NFL history was recorded in December 10, 1922. On that date, one NFL player who made goal from 45 yards was Wilbur “Pete” Henry from Canton Bulldogs. His position was kicker.
– The first longest field goal was broken in October 7, 1934. Glenn Presnell broke the record for his team, Detroit lions. The record remained unbreakable for 17 years.
-Bert Rechichar from Baltimore Colts set a new longest field goal record in September 17 1953. Bert made a new score for his team that date from 56 yards

4. Goals from 60 yards
There are four kickers in NFL history that set a new goal for his team from 60 yards. The kickers are:
-Steve Cox (Cleveland Browns) on 21 October 1984, Morten Andersen (New Orleans Saints) on 27 October 1991, Rob Bironas (Tennessee Titans) on 3 December 2006 and Dan Carpenter (Miami Dolphins) on 5 December 2010.

3. Goals from 61 yards

longest-field-goal-Dan Carpenter.jpg

Dan Carpenter (Miami Dolphins)

Oakland Riders owned one kicker who set a record in NFL longest field goals. His name is Sabastian Janikowski. He scored one point for his team from 61 yards with his left foot on December 27, 2009.

2. Goals from 62 yards
Before Sabastian set a world’s record, one kicker from Tampa Bay Buccaneers set longest field goal first. He scored one point for his team from 62 yards on 22 October 2006. That time, his team played with Philadephia Eagles and they outmatched them 2 points

1. Goals from 63 yards


Jason Elam from Denver Broncos

Next longest field in NFL was scored by 2 kickers, Jason Elam from Denver Broncos on 25 October 1998 and Tom Dempsey from New Orleans Saints on November 8, 1970. These 2 kickers technically outmatched by Ola Kimrin who set a goal for his team Denver Broncos from 65 yards on 22 August 2002.However, his record is not officially documented as longest field goal in NFL history because Ola scored it while in a preseason match

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