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Top 5 Most Expensive RVs in the World

Sunday, May 22nd 2011. | Most Expensive

Here, we are going to explore 5 most expensive RVs available on the planet. This post will inform you what brand you should check out if you want to get an exclusive RVs that match your style. Lets check them out
1. The Vantare Platinum Plus

The Vantare Platinum Plus

Driving in a RV in weekend is hobby for some people and Vantare Platinum Plus is most popular brand among that Jet z. Vantare Platinum Z has price tag $2,5 million dollar or equal to Bugatti Veyron super sport. It drinks 235 gallons of gas and inside the RV we could find custom sculptures amenities, fancy Swarovski crystal even a sport car garage on the deck.

2. Unicat Amerigo series
It is pretty much like an off the road RV or heavy-duty vehicle. It is designed to handle everything from moving your stuffs to facilitate your taste of adventure. The design is rigid and you can own it around a half million dollar. You do not need to be a millionaire to ride the Unicat Amerigo
3. Country Coach Prevost RV

Country Coach Prevost

CountryCoach Prevost RV is an option between a luxury RV and off road RV. The price is around a million dollar. The diesel RV is a best friend you can take if you want to take your whole family on a comfortable, cozy and convenient RV. It is available in “Used” version if you can’t afford the new one for sure.
4.Victorinox Airstream
Victorinox Airstream is a traveling RV that is designed to accommodate travelers who like to drive their own ride and taste their own driving experience. It just works same as a Swiss army. It is dependable and complete. You could find their logo everywhere on the RV and you can own it for $60,000. The producer has limited the production number of Victorinox mere 125 units. You had better have good luck before own it.
5. 2008 Airstream Classic Limited Edition

2008 Airstream Classic Limited Edition

The 2008 airstream classic is another production that is designed for fancy travelers who want to carry everything they own in the home and bring it outside somewhere. The fancy RV is coming with a skylight, bay window, automatic pop out and outdoor shower. The 5th most expensive RV should be affordable to anyone who earn $150k a year.

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