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Top 10 Most Expensive Watches in the World

Sunday, April 24th 2011. | Most Expensive

If collecting most expensive watch is your passion, you have to look top 10 most expensive watches below to complete your satisfaction. These watches are unique, admirable, limited edition and handmade. This is top 10 most expensive watches in the world

10. Breguet pocket watch 1907BA/12: $734,000

Breguet pocket watch 1907BA/12

Brequet have made watches since 226 years ago and today they joined Swatch group to continue their work. Brequet pocket watch 1907BA/12 come with 18-karats yellow gold and moves with 2-way rotating crown mechanical system

9. Blancpain 1735, Grande Complication: $800,000
Blancpain 1735 carries a platinum-made casing and crocodile leather embellished the outlook. The mechanical part composes 740 micro components and the watchmaker constructed all these pieces manually.

8. Louis Moinet Magistralis: $860,000

If you think same as people who think 2000 years old stone from Moon is valuable, you have to check this watch. The watchmaker constructed the watch with 2 millenniums old meteorite and 18k of gold parts. If you think go to the moon is worth more than a million, purchasing the watch is saving.

7. Hublot Black Caviar Bang: $1 million

Hublot Black Caviar Bang took 2 thousand hours meticulous craftsmanship, the internal parts are cased inside 18k white gold casing, which is added with 322 granulated black gems. A 25k of gems is installed on the wrist belt and it is one and only item in the world. That is the last ultimate reason why one should exchanged it with a million dollar

6. The Chopard Super Ice Cube: $1.1 million
Chopard super Ice cube is not only dead cool but also precious. The main external parts are made of 66k of gemstone and the value is equal to more than a million dollar

5. Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon: $1.3 million

Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon

The mechanical parts of the watch are made of 688 micro and microscopic components and the producer encrusted the Patek Philippe sky moon Turbillion with a platinum case. Yearly, Patek Philippe only released two turbillion, platinum and gold rose.

4. Vacheron Constantin Tour de l’Ile: $1.5 million

Vecheron Constantin Tour de L’lle is one of the most refined wristwatch products in the world. The watch composes 834 micro components and 10000 meticulous works. The watch has two faces, In front and the back, and the casing is made of gold. The producer only made seven items every year

3. Patek Philippe’s Platinum World Time: $4 million

One Patek Phillipe Platinum world time set a world record as the priciest watch in the world in 2002 once one man purchased it in the auction for $4 million. The unique feature of the watch is the smart display of the watch, which shows 24 hours different time zone in 24 different major cities in the world

2. Patek Philippe’s Supercomplication: $11 million

Patek Philippe was a property of Henry Graves, JR, a banker from New York, in 1932. In the past, it was a custom order of Henry and the watchmaker need 4 years to make the supercomplication watch. In 1999, one sold it in auction and it fetched $11 million.

1. 201-carat Chopard: $25 million

201-carat Chopard

The bulky watch is named 201-carat Chopard because it composes diamonds and gems totaling same amount of karat. 201-carat Chopard has 15-karat pink diamond, 12k blue diamond, 11-karat white diamond, and 163 karats of tiny white and yellow diamonds that march around the big diamonds. If you afford to pay 25 million, all the money goes to bill the diamonds and to pay small portion of profit to the former owner. It is the most expensive watch in the post and the most expensive watch in the world without a doubt.

Do You want to own one of those most expensive watches in the world?

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