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Top 5 Largest Snakes in the World

Monday, May 16th 2011. | Largest

Commonly people will overreact once they suddenly meet a fat snake in front of them. Although the giant snake might be not harmful or venomous, first thing that cross in their mind is killing them before it kills them. This common mistake is hard to be changed and here, I am trying to say that not every giant snake has motive to kill or eat people. They are just defending themselves when they attack.
In this post, I am not going to talk further about that awareness. Here, I like to share you 5 largest snake in the world. Snake on the last rank is the biggest one.

5. The Green Anaconda

Green Anaconda

Green Anaconda is living on wet land of South America include Amazon until Trinidad. Anaconda has 2 different species Green Anaconda or Eunectes murinus and Yellow Anaconda or Eunectus Notaeus. Commonly, the green one is larger or fatter. It can grow up to 5 meters or 17 feet. Some of the longest even 8 meters long (26 feet)

4. Reticulated Python (Python Reticulatus)
Reticulated Python originates from the South East Asian land. A full-grown up reticulated Python can grow from 16-18 feet long or 6 meters. Some of the biggest are 32 feet long or more than 9 meters. Reticulated Python is seeing with retic eyes. In simple words, it sees in the dark or nocturnal animal.

3. Burmese Python (Pyton Molurus)

Burmese python

Burmese Python originates from South and Southeast Asia. Since they are docile and not too aggressive, some people commercialize the snake as pet. One adult Burmese python can grow up from 13 up to 20 feet long. Unlike other pythons that wrap their egg to keep it warms, Burmese typhoon does not wrap their egg. It is capable to elevate their body temperature and use it to warm their egg without the need to circle it.

4.African Rock Python

African Rock Python is an aggressive snake and it eats every animals start from fishes, small crocs, goats or gazelles. Common Africa rock python can grow up to 18 feet long and some that can live long enough can grow up to 25 feet. View times, the snake appears on Jeff Corwin Shows.

5. Scrub Python

Scrub Python

Scrub python is a biggest non-venomous snake in Australia, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. The biggest Scrub python ever been found was 8 ½ meters long.
Beyond 5 big pythons above, the biggest snakes ever been recorded in history are Titanic Boa or Titanoboa cerrejonensis and Gigantophis garstini.
A mature Titanic Boa can grow up to 12-15 meters long and weighting more than 1,3 tons or 2,500 pounds. On that mature age, titanic boa can have a body 1 meter and 40 cm thick. Following Titanic Boa, we have Gigantophis garstini. The species is known to live since Paleocene epoch and it can grow up to33 feet or 10 meters long. The existence of these last 2 World’s largest snake are hard and some believe they are already extinct

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