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Top 10 Tallest Roller Coasters in the World

Friday, May 27th 2011. | Tallest

For thrill enthusiasts, riding roller coaster is one of the most sensible way to keep enjoying the shock without losing the life. We have many roller coasters on the planet and some are popular because of their speed, their long, their loop, their tall and their landscape. Here, we are going to explore 10 tallest roller coaster in the world. The address and max speed information is included.
10.Titan (245 ft)
Six Flags Over Texas — Texas


Titan has tallest point at 245 feet and once the train reaches this level, the coaster will fall 255 feet deep to a tunnel. According to Six flags, Titan delivers 85 mph at top speed. Near Six flags over Texas, we can find Six Flags Magic Mountain and the park has a similar-like coaster name Goliath. It climbs 235 feet high and drops 255 feet deep.

9. Eejanaika (249 ft)
Fuji Q Highland — Japan

Eejanaika is known as the second world’s 4th dimension coaster. It has suspended trails and the seats are rotating and It has been known as Guinness world’s record holder as the most inversions roller coaster in the world.
8. Fujiyama (259 ft)
Fuji-Q Highland — Japan
Fujiyama roller coaster was built in 1996. It is popular as a classic coaster with train speed 82 mph max. Technically, Fujiyama is taller, bigger, and faster than newer coaster Eejanaika on same park.
7 . Thunder Dolphin (262.5 ft)
LaQua — Japan
Thunder Dolphin might no faster, longer, steeper, taller or fiercer than Titan or Fujiyama. However, Thunder Dolphin is a unique roller coaster with unique track line. The train rail is passing Ferries Wheel Park and it penetrates through the building. The landscape of the roller coaster is the selling point of the thunder dolphin
6 . Millennium Force (310 ft)
Cedar Point — Ohio

Millennium Force is a steel roller coaster that is designed not only to make people thrill but also to win many awards. According to cedar point, Millennium force has won Golden ticket of best world’s steel roller coaster more than 5 times since year 2000. It uses cable lift system and it can pushes riders 92 mph
5 . Steel Dragon 2000 (318 ft )
Nagashima Spa Land — Japan

Steel Dragon 2000

Steel Dragon 2000 is a gigacoaster with a series loop like a dragon tails or camel humps. It runs over 2 giant chain lifter and it can delivers top speed 95 mph. The track in 8100 feet long and it used to be the tallest roller coaster in the world before newer coaster took the trophy.
4 . Tower of Terror (377 ft)
Dreamworld, Australia
Tower of Terror is a reverse freefall coaster that is similar to shuttle coaster. Tower of terror has mechanism to lift the train 90 degree upward and then plunging the train backwards. It has top speed 100 mph and it thrills riders for 30 seconds.
3 .Superman: The Escape (415 ft)
Six Flags Magic Mountain — California
Superman claims 415 feet high and from the point, the roller coaster will pull the riders drop 328 feet deep.
2 .Top Thrill Dragster (420 ft)
Cedar Point — Ohio
Top thrill dragster is a stratacoaster ride. First, the coaster lifts riders vertically and than pull them down deep onto vertical drop 400 feet from the highest point. It delivers 17 seconds nearly dead experience at speed 120 mph
1 . Kingda Ka (456 ft)
Six Flags Great Adventure — New Jersey

Kingda Ka

Kingda Ka is the tallest roller coaster in the world, It is the second stratacoaster in the list and It has maximum speed 128 mph. Kingda Ka has followed series of maintenance since 2005 because of cable problem and lightning strike.

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