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Top 10 Tallest Trees in the World

Saturday, May 7th 2011. | Tallest

With enough sun and rain, trees and vegetation grow. Some trees can live more than 100 years and grow 100 meters off the ground. Here, we are going to talk about 10 latest tallest trees in the world according to US foresters.

In June 1 2006, foresters found a tall tree at Redwood Creek tributary and titled the tree as the tallest in the world. 2 months later, in 26 august 2006, foresters edited the title of world’s tallest tree and gave it to a new coast redwood at Redwood national park because it is view meters higher than the previous tree. You can find the detail of the tree on the following information together with 8 other trees as comparison. These eight trees used to be world’s tallest tree too

1. Hyperion (coast redwood/Sequoia sempervirens/Giant Redwood)-115.61 meters or 397,3 feet



Hyperion is located somewhere in the deep of Redwood Creek Tributary. According to latest survey and verification of Light Detection and Ranging or LIDAR optical remote sensing, it is more than 115 meters or nearly 340 feet.

2. Helios (coast redwood/Sequoia sempervirens/Giant Redwood) 114,58 meters/375,9 feet

According to report, Helios was the tallest tree in the world from 1 June 2006 until 25 august 2006. The tree lost its title after foresters found Hyperion on the other side of Redwood creek tributary.

3. Icarus (coast redwood/Sequoia sempervirens/Giant Redwood) 113.14 meters/371,2 feet

Forrester found Icarus a month after they found Helios on June 1 2006.Icarus is standing nearly 372 feet and it is located on unknown location at Redwood Creek Tributary

4. Stratosphere Giant (Redwood Giant) 113.11 meter or 371.1 feet
From year 2000 until 2006, Stratosphere Giant was the tallest tree in the world. The tree is located in a hidden location at Humboldt Rockefeller Forest. Stratosphere giant is another family of Giant redwood

5. National Geographic Society (Redwood Giant) 112.71 meters/369,9 feet


Giant redwood

The fifth tallest tree in the world is located in Redwood Creek. From 1994, after it was found, the tree became the tallest tree in the world until 1995

6. Orion (Redwood Giant) 112.63 meters/369.5 feet

Orion, 6th tallest tree in the world is another redwood giant in Redwood creek tributary. Survey and LIDAR observation have verified the tall and measurement

7. Lauralyn 112.62 meters or 369.5 feet
Lauralyn is a tree located in Humboldt, South Fork Eel River. It is seventh tallest tree in the world that was found by Paul Zinke and Al Stangeburger

8. Rockefeller
Rockefeller is a name for a tall tree in Humboldt, Upper Bull Creek Flat, It is standing 112,60 meters tall or 369,3 feet

9. Paradox
Paradox is 112,56 meters tall or 369,2 feet tree located in Humboldt, Rockefeller forest. It is unclear whether the tree is still standing or not. From 1995-1996, it was the tallest tree in the world
10. Mendocino


Mendocino Tree

Mendocino is 10th tallest tree in the world and it is located at a hidden coordinate at Montgomery flat, Montgomery. for 4 years, from 1996-2000 , it was the tallest tree in the world before Stratosphere Giant was found

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