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Top 10 Tallest NBA Players

Monday, May 2nd 2011. | Tallest

In the following list, we are going back to NBA archives to find top 10 tallest NBA player in NBA history. Most of them are already retired or active as a coach team. Although being the tallest in the field is not always bringing good lucks, before the game played, they always have bigger chance to make more scores. Lets check the players

10. Priest Lauderdale (7ft 4 inch and 325 pounds)

tallest-nba-players-Priest Lauderdale NEW.jpg

Priest Lauderdale

Priest started his career in 1996 after Atlanta Hawks recruited him .His transferred to Denver Nuggets a year later until 1998. After playing 2 seasons in NBA, Priest immigrated to Bulgaria and started his new basketball career in the country

9. Ralph Sampson (7 ft 4 inches /235 lbs)
Ralph started his career with Houston Rockets from 1983-1988 followed with Golden State Warrior for one season from 88-89 continued with Sacramento Kings from 89-91 and finally with Washington Bullets from 1991 season until 1992. Hakeem Olajuwon nicknamed Ralph Twin Towers. His career ended because of injuries

8. Rik Smits (7 ft 4 inches/ 265 pounds)
Rik Smits came from Ducth before he has title NBA professional players. Rik started his career with Indiana Pacers in 1988 and he never transferred out of the club for 12 seasons until his retirement n 2000.

7. Mark Eaton (7 ft 4 inches/ 290 Lbs)
Mark Eaton is another tall NBA player who was playing for Utah jazz from 1982 until 1993. He never played outside the club and after he retired he become 2 restaurants boss in Salt Lake. I bet he is fatter now.

6. Slavko Vranes (7 ft 5 inches/275 pounds)
Slavko Vranes is one of the tallest NBA players ever and at the other side, he is a basketball player with the shortest performance in NBA. His career started with Portland Tail Blazer in 2003 until 2004 but literally, he only signed 10 days contract with them. Blazers only played Slavko Vranes 3 minutes

5. Chuck Nevitt (7 feet 5 inches/250 lbs)


Chuck Nevitt

Chuck was playing for Houston Rockets in 1982/83 season and 1988/90, continued played for LA Lakers for 2 season from 1984/86, Detroit Pistons for 2 seasons from 1986-1988, and finally Chicago Bulls and San Antonio spurs from 1993-1993. Although he is tall, he was not a dominant player. Coach only put him on field mostly once the opponent team lost too much point already

4. Shawn Bradley (7 feet 6 inches/275 pounds)
Shawn Bradley is a Germany. Sometimes, he played for his nation and often he play for his teams in US. His professional Basketball career began with Philadelphia 76ers for 2 seasons from 1993/1995 followed by New Jersey nets from 1995-1997 and Dallas Maverick from 1997 until 2005.

3. Yao Ming (7 feet 6 inches/320 pounds)
From his name you sure know he is not American. Yao Ming Started his NBA professional career with Houston Rockets in 2002 and he never transferred to other team since then. He is the only tallest active player in this list.

2. Gheorghe Muresan (7 feet 7 inches/ 303 lbs)
Murasen played in NBA since Washington bullets him recruited him to play for the team for 3 seasons started from 1993 until 1997. His career continued in New Jersey Kits in 1998 and he retired in 2000. Murasen is a Romanian and he was playing view movies too. One of it is the Giant

1. Manute Bol (7 feet 7 inches/ 225 pounds)


Manute Bol and Spud Webb

Manute Bol started his career with Washington Bullets in 1985 until 1988. He continued his career with Golden State warriors afterwards before he played for Philadelphia 76ers started from 1990 until 1993. He ended his career with Miami Heat in 1994. He was a good defender and in 1987 he used to be paired with Mugsy Bagoes , who was one of the shortest NBA professional players. In history of NBA, Manute Bol is the tallest basketball player ever

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