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Top 10 Tallest Women in the World

Friday, April 22nd 2011. | Tallest

All men and women in the world are unique. Some are smarter, some are fatter and some are standing higher than the other .In this post, our topic is about 10 tallest women in the world. Some of these women already hold Guinness world record for her tallness and most are still living today. On the last point you will find the tallest woman in the world.

10. Heather Greene (6 ft 5½inch or 196

Heather Greene

Our first woman in the 10th position came from Las Vegas and she is still living this moment. Her height is 196 cm and in average, she is taller than any men or women in the city

9. Rita Miniva Besa (6ft 8inch or 203 cm)
Rita Miniva Besa is Zambian and she immigrated to US view years ago. If she used to be properly and professionally, she should be a good potential WNBA player this moment
8. Caroline Welz (6 ft 9inch or 206 cm)
She is around 20s this time and she came from Germany. Caroline Weiz has a nice face, a sensual figures and it seems she already pick a right career as a part time model and Tailor
7. Malee Duangdee (6 ft 10inch – 208 cm)
Malee Duangdee is a Thai and in her country she is titled as the tallest men in Thailand and the 2nd tallest Asian woman after Yao Defen from China
6. Gitika Srivastava (6ft 11inch – 211 cm)
Gitika Srivastava is the tallest women in India and in the past, she used to be the tallest Indian basketball player. Before she retired many fans of her not only proud to see her unusual height
5. Uljana Semjonova 7 feet – 213 cm

Uljana Semjonova

Uljana Semjonova was a Latvian female basketball player when she was healthy and fit start from 70s until 80s. During her active career, she held a record tallest female basketball player alive in the world
4. Zainab Bibi (7 ft 2inch – 218 cm)
Zainab Bibi was originally Pakistani but now she is a British. Her main reason migrated to UK was to get a protection. Before she moved in UK, on her own country, view extremists tried to hurt her and Government was not too concern about it
3. Malgorzata Dydek ( 7 ft 2inch or 218 cm )
Malgorzata Dydek came from Poland and she was a former WNBA player. Although she already retired from Basketball in 2008, she will always remembered as the tallest female basketball player in the history of WNBA
2. Sandy Allen (7ft 7¼inch or 232 cm)
For more than a quarter decade, start from 1976, Sandy Allen was known as the tallest living woman in the world verified by Guinness Book of world’s record. Sadly, she should lose her title in 2008 after she death
1. Yao Defen (7 ft 8inch or 233 cm)

Yao Defen

Yao Defen (1972) is the tallest living woman in the world and in the same, she is 3rd tallest woman ever after Zeng Jinlian, China, (8 feet 1 3/4 inch) who died in 1982 and Jane Bunford from UK , (7 feet 11 inches) who death in 1922). All these three women are Guinness book verified and the data is valid.

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